COM 308 News writing for mass media – Fall 2015

Module 1:

1-1 Lecture: Course objectives and goals, introductions (Tuesday)

Discussion: What is the role of the news media? Brainstorm and write down five roles.

• Bring a local newspaper to Thursday’s class. Read the local section of the paper and select one article that represents one of the roles of the news media and be prepared to share with the class.

1-2 Workshop: Reading News (Thursday)

-Discuss the importance of news

-Write a two-minute paper exploring your article’s significance in society. How does it impact people? Why is it important? What did you find interesting about it?

-Get into pairs and debate the importance/ significance of each article

-Discuss the variety of types of articles/ findings during pair work

• For next week read chapters 1, 4, 5


Course Documents:

COM 308 Syllabus F 2015

News article rubric

Feature article rubric

Blog rubric


3-4 Crime article — 10 points

5-5 Senate article — 10 points

6-3 Midterm (Modules 1-6) — 10 points

8-4 Spot news article — 10 points

10-4 Feature article — 10 points

13-4 Blog — 10 points

15-1 Final (Modules 7-13) — 10 points